November 26, 2008

How to reset your iPods

Some time you want to reset your iPods.maybe there are several settings that have changed,so
you want to restore the settings back.or some of the files that you want to you want
delete all.whatever the reason I will teach you how to reset iPods to return your settings. one thing you must remember,when reset your iPods.all files that is in your iPods will be
erased all.i recomended your backup first your important files into the computer.
now i teach you how to reset your iPods:

If you have an Ipod with a click wheel, then you have to put the hold button to hold and again
back to normal. Press and hold the center and the Menu button until the Apple logo appears.

If you have Ipod with Touch, or click wheel (older model), press and hold the menu and the
pause button until the Apple logo appears.

do you wanto clean your here

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