December 31, 2008

Apple iPod touch 8 GB (1st Generation) Product Description
iPod touch has always been an amazing iPod. With great new applications, now iPod touch is even better. Watch a movie you rented from iTunes. View rich HTML email with graphics and photos displayed inline. Open PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel attachments. With Maps, find your location and get directions from there. See where you are on a map, a satellite image, or a combination of both. Make Web Clips for your Home screen so you can visit your favorite websites in just one tap. Fill up to nine Home screen pages with Web Clips and arrange them however you like. Browse YouTube videos, follow your stocks, check the weather, and take notes. With the new iPod touch, tap into even more.

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The iPod Guy said...

I didn't realize the multitude of iPod Accessories available on auction sites til i had owned my device for awhile. My friend who is the admin of who got me my second generation iPod Touch, showed me the magic of get it next, and I will never use ebay the same way. I had found some serious Skull Candy Headphones / Earphones that really delivered the sound quality I had been missing. I'm not sure how I could stand the stock headphones, the new ones are so soft, it really makes a long work day a pleasure.

jacob said...

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